Aditi has been making films since 2005. Her work ranges from commissioned/ client work, to self initiated projects, television series and online video content.

Selected Series

Chingari (web series as Producer and Production Designer) currently in post production.

Ashwath returns home after many years to find that everything has changed. He is hiding his mirky past and comes face to face with his old love. What is he hiding? Will his family turn him in or keep him safe?

In Search of a Home

In Search of a Home' follows the story of three girls who have been rescued from trafficking. As they come back, they discover that it is not the same home they left. They struggle with starting a new life as they face discrimination, poverty and the morality of society. Theirs is a story of resilience, bravery and hope for the future. This film is located in North 24 Parganas, near the India- Bangladesh border.


Jayanthi works as a domestic help in Bangalore, India. A single parent, she had to make some tough choices. Hers is an inspiring story.

India Empowered (TERI, HAL)

An initiative to give more power to low-income government school students. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, HAL(Hindustan Aeronotics Limited), with the expertise from TERI, puts solar panels in Government schools, which generates income for these schools to improve their educational facilities.


Young Khanak is not your average teenage girl. A strong pull towards a song she heard at the age of four defined the course of her life.

A little Empty Space

A few kilometers from the India- Pakistan border is Preetnagar. Envisioned as an artists community in pre-Partition times. The serene landscape is in contrast to the underlying violence in the land. This video was made as part of an installation.


This is the story of a single father who decided to adopt a child. Located in Bangalore, India.

First Period ( Client: Dell Global Giving)

Targeted at students and teachers, this is a playful film that looks at education beyond the confines of a classroom. It’s all about stepping out, getting dirty, having fun and learning from the environment.

Breathe Easy (Scripps Institute, California)

A large population based in Uttar Pradesh, India suffers on a daily basis on account of the smoke from traditional cooking methods. Breathe Easy tells the story of a project that tried to tackle this through new technology

Colours of India (Stories in Stone - excerpt)

Excerpts of a full-length documentary on 12th Century Andhra Pradesh, telecast on National Geographic and Fox History and Entertainment. Narrated by Roshan Seth.

What’s the point of stories if they aren’t even true (non-fiction, NID student film)

An exploration of the meaning behind storytelling through the eyes of an 70 year old storyteller from Gujarat, India. The film has won 3 awards and has been shown in various festivals.


Paromita Boudi is a conservative housewife, who has unconventional guests come to her house- a woman biker, a transgender man, a female CEO and more. A talk show with a difference.

Chaya with Maya (Trailer)

India’s first talk show hosted by a drag queen. Meet the sassy Maya as she talks to her guests about their experiences of being queer.